Zeměměřické a astronomické přístroje používané na území ČR od 16. do konce 20. století


In 1873, the Wichmann brothers founded a company in Berlin, which developed into a leading German manufacturer of instruments in the field of optics and fine mechanics. In the geodetic field, it offered a practically complete assortment of theodolites, levelling devices and small tools (prisms, heads, tapes, pedometers, etc.). In addition, it produced slide rules, plotters, planimeters, scales, and was known as a supplier of technical papers. After 1921, the company co-operated with the companies M. Hildebrandt and Reiss, and still manufactured geodetic instruments by the 1940s.

At present, the company deals in office equipment and offers tripods, prisms for electronic rangefinders and construction laser devices.


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  • cme - německý válečný kód firmy Gebrüder Wichmann Berlin

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