Zeměměřické a astronomické přístroje používané na území ČR od 16. do konce 20. století


Rudolf Rost, a mechanic at Starke & Kammerer, founded a company in Vienna in 1888 bearing his name. In 1896, he registered with his younger brother August R. the company Rudolf & August Rost, which achieved considerable success and brought to market several original designs of geodetic and photogrammetric instruments, including large astronomical universal instruments and forestry, mining-measuring instruments, for mapping, cadastre and railway work. The company collaborated with the Vienna Polytechnic Institute, with the VZÚ and later with the ETH Zürich, and won a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. (Note: Austria-Hungary at that time was one of the fastest developing European countries.)

Of the photogrammetric designs, let us name the chambers of, Col. Hübela, prof. Schell, Capt. Schindler, stereoautograph by Lt. E. von Orel (1908), evaluating drawing instrument for the navy by Capt. Th. Scheimpflug, phototheodolite by Dokulil-Rost and Doležal-Rost, evaluation device of aerial photographs by prof. K. Krause - stereoscope of his own design. It is also worth mentioning A. Tichý's device for layout of long trans-alpine tunnels, the mining levelling device by prof. O. Cséti, Fiala’s plummet device, tacheometer by Láska-Rost. The company also produced common meters for field calibrations (comparisons) of invar levelling rods. In 1923, during very difficult economic conditions, the company was taken over by R. Rost jun., the small theodolite 73E with metal circles became successful. After 1938, the company participated in German arms production.

In 1945, the company became the Austrian representative of Wild, however continued to offer its own products, such as a theodolite compass, a line laser, a laser meter for tunnel profiles, coordinatographs. In the area of measuring technology, the company is listed on the Hexagon website at the time of preparation of the manuscript of this work. Of interest is the fact that around 1900, a still functioning corporate museum was established.


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  • R & A  ROST WIEN

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